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First Home Owner Grant

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The first home owner grant (FHOG) is a one-off payment to encourage and help first home buyers to buy or build a residential property for use as their principal place of residence.

The grant is $10,000 or the consideration paid to buy or build the house if less than that amount. 

Only one grant is payable per eligible transaction, so two people purchasing a house together may only receive one grant.


Find more information below through the Department of Revenue. 


If you are a first home owner, you may qualify for the grant if you are purchasing or building a new home. A home that has been substantially renovated may be considered a new home.


The grant is not available for the purchase of an established home or for renovations to an existing home.


If you receive the grant, or would be eligible except that you are purchasing an established home, you may be eligible for the concessional first home owner rate of duty.


Find more information below through the Department of Revenue.